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T-Mobile Broadband - Consumer Reviews

We have some reviews written by consumers for making your choice easy. You can also contribute a quick review that would definitely help others by visiting our Broadband Reviews page.

Reviewed by Frank  on  2011-09-19
T-Mobile is one of the worst provider that I have ever come across. It is highly unreliable and the packages are highly priced. Apart from that, the speed is pretty low and they have the worst customer service too.
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Jhonty  on  2011-08-31
Good..in simple words that is my opinion on T-Mobile. Though the speed I get in my area is no too good, I could use it fairly just because I am not hooked to the net all the time. Some might have a different opinion, but as far as I am concerned...I am ok with what I get.
Rating: Good

Reviewed by Keith  on  2011-08-15
I have read a lot of negative comments about T Mobile here, but unfortunately I do not agree with most of these, as my case was a bit different. Though I had issues, they were sorted out. I would suggest all to check the proper functioning of the dongle. I have been using their dongle for nearly 3 years and I am happy with the connection as well as the provider.
Rating: Good

Reviewed by Bevs  on  2011-07-18
After using a T-Mobile dongle for the past 6 months, I must confess that the connection is not really reliable. They were god, but now..not really. The worst part is their customer service. The customer service people are not very helpful...a lot of improvement required.
Rating: Average

Reviewed by Matt A  on  2011-07-06
I am not at all satisfied with my connection. Worst speed and even worse customer service. They make a lot of false promises in their ads. Never offer the speed mentioned in the ads. The dongle is really unreliable
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Aleena  on  2011-06-29
This is one of the most frustrating service providers that I have ever come across. I am always having issues with the content lock and the various unwanted limitations. They even block sites like YouTube and Twitter!! Ridiculous!!! Please don’t waste money on T-Mobile just to get hooked up with their ‘Unfair’ use policy.
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Ryan  on  2011-06-22
T-Mobile has to work hard to compete with the other leading providers in terms of quality and service. I agree with most of the reviews here. We do not get the speed promised, atleast I did not get it and I;m not really satisfied with the connection that I have.
Rating: Average

Reviewed by Sandra  on  2011-06-14
I have been using a T-Mobile dongle for the past 6 months. I did not have any issues with it till recently I noticed that there are frequent disconnections. It takes a long time to connect. I cannot even check my mails. I have given a lot of complaints, might be the customer service does not want to help. They were good…..but now, it is very unreliable.
Rating: Average

Reviewed by Monica  on  2011-06-09
T-Mobile is a very unreliable service. They don’t have proper coverage in most of the places. Their customer service is even worse. The customer service staffs are rude too. They will put in their best front and happily give you a new connection. But the moment something goes wrong, you won’t get proper help and you will asked to move from one department to another.
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Alex  on  2009-10-22
Ah where to begin. I signed up for the max wireless 3g internet package with T-mobile around a year ago. For the first month everything went swimmingly. I could use it for what it was advertised to do and i was pleased to pay the ridiculous 30 pounds a month to use it because i was ristricted of a phoneline due to my living situation. But after the frist 3 months (ironically after the cancel period ended) everything started going terribly wrong. As it was advertised in their website the connection is able to handle voice communication and after the initial first 3 months i was having constant disconnects from any aplication i was using and hindered ability to even use websites. Calling their customer support was very bland, they were nice ofc but it felt like i was being patronised by someone who knew less thn i did about my connection. I jumped through the appropriate hoops to get assistance and all they told me was their systems are running fine and spoke some rubbish about it possibily being effected by their merge with 3 or that too many people are trying to use their services. I pondered this for a while as to why they would take on additional contracts that they cannot even uphold. My " signal strength " has always been 80-99% (5 bars as they insisted on calling it) and you had to make hours of examples of these so called bars to even get through to the technical team. Incidently they never really even let me to the tech team because my net was fine according to them. I hope they realise how terribly bad service it is to completely ignore a customers issues and tell them " oh its fine " I went through that for several months up until i moved home. After moving the connection was back to how it was for the first few months and i was content again. Ironically 3 months after moving here it has started the same issue over again, and they are trying to make me jump through the same hooops over and over now and i am sick of it. Nothing has been done to fix my net problem, whenever i attempt to contact t-mobile for assistance i get constant delays, often getting dead ended replies and sometimes takes weeks to get any reply atall. Not only is this internet ridiculously expensive for what its advertised to give but its unreliable and the customer service is very lax. I wouldnt reccomend this internet experience even to people i hated, its just that bad. Oh and p.s I still didnt get that laptop i was promised for ordering this package online.
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Tim  on  2008-09-27
Speeds depend on the signal strength so mobile broadband is not as dependable as ADSL or cable broadband connection. T-mobile broadband offers nice speeds as long as you receive strong signals. So, check this factor before you go for mobile broadband.
Rating: Average

Reviewed by William  on  2008-09-13
Mobile broadband has indeed changed my life. T-Mobile broadband offers excellent speeds and signal is good in my area. Recently, they have slashed their tariff and introduced new cheap offers. Worth considering.
Rating: Good

Reviewed by Grieg  on  2008-06-22
Recently, I switched from Vodafone to T-mobile. Customer service is good but speeds are rather disappointing.
Rating: Average

Reviewed by Derek  on  2008-06-06
Reliable speeds. Low cost packages with excellent features.
Rating: Good

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