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Sky is one of few ISPs who provide broadband bundles that combine broadband, telephony and DTV channels. After acquiring Easynet, Sky expanded its reach on many parts of the UK and Sky network presently covers almost three-fourths of UK households according to one survey.

Sky offers free broadband if you are a customer of its digital TV service. Sky is also one of the few providers who offer speed above 10Mb. Its Sky Max package offers download speed up to 16Mb. Their See Speak Surf broadband bundles are excellent packages that add value to your money and you get all the combinations of broadband, TV and phone services.

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Get Sky Broadband Superfast with Free Anytime Talk No 0Mb No      
Sky Broadband Essential and Free Anytime Talk No 0Mb No      
Sky Broadband Essential with Free Anytime Talk No 0Mb No      
Sky Broadband Superfast and Free Anytime Talk No 0Mb No      
Sky Entertainment and Sky Broadband Essential with Free Anytime Talk No 0Mb No      
Sky Entertainment and Sky Broadband Superfast with Free Anytime Talk No 0Mb No      
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Sky Broadband - Consumer Reviews

We have some reviews written by consumers for making your choice easy. You can also contribute a quick review that would definitely help others by visiting our Broadband Reviews page.

Reviewed by Jack  on  2014-10-20
All the offers are found to be great.I purchased sky a year ago and I am completely satisfied with it.The customer service is nice, they reply to all my queries within a fraction of a second.Thanks to Sky and keep the good job going.
Rating: Outstanding

Reviewed by Jade  on  2014-01-31
I advise to think again for those who are valuing their broadband speed and are about to join sky broadband.Their broadband speed sometime drops at times and never turn up.Sometimes the speed is terrible due to constant buffering.
Rating: Average

Reviewed by Gerald  on  2014-03-07
Good M&S voucher offer with half price fibre unlimited. Speedy service. Sky broadband always stays connected . Usually works well.
Rating: Good

Reviewed by Mike  on  2013-11-13
Sky TV packages are too good.....
Rating: Outstanding

Reviewed by Sara  on  2013-09-07
Sky speed is pretty average .......
Rating: Good

Reviewed by Ruby  on  2013-04-12
Good service though not always. The connection drops out most of the time. Also, I am not happy with the router they provided me with. Totally unhappy.
Rating: Average

Reviewed by Isla  on  2012-04-12
It is quite irritating when one doesnt get the expected or the promised speed. However, the technical support is satisfactory and may be improved further.
Rating: Good

Reviewed by Ria M  on  2011-10-20
I am not really satisfied with Sky. I had been with them a few months back and will rate them as just average. Nothing is really very impressive about them.
Rating: Average

Reviewed by Mick  on  2011-09-24
Please avoid Sky at all costs!!! As long as things are fine with you, they to are fine. When you come across a problem, then they will never show themselves. The worst part is their customer service centre. They never care about their customers. Horrible provider and service.
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Emi  on  2011-08-30
Sky is not 100% reliable. The speed provided is not satisfactory. The most worst par is their horrible customer service. The line is disconnected most of the time. Not at all a reliable connection.
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Aldrine  on  2011-08-22
Not so impressive!! This is my first opinion about Sky. Well..they could improve. Their customer service too could been improved. Most of of my friends too have the same opinion. I am not really very satisfied with the connection and am just waiting for the contract period to get over.
Rating: Average

Reviewed by Alex  on  2011-08-08
I have been with Sky for more than a year now and I did not face any serious issues till now. Though I have read in various websites the comments of many people who have had issues with the provider, I was looking forward that I too will have to face such things. Fortunately, nothing unpleasant happened. Touch wood!! I love being with Sky.
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by Annette  on  2011-07-15
Sky is one of the worst broadband provider. I do not get the promised speed. Their customer service is even more horrible. Sky is good for TV services but not for broadband.
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Daniel  on  2011-07-01
I have been with Sky for the past 5 months. I must say that Sky is ‘Great’ when compared to my previous connection. Being heavy users, I have opted for their unlimited package. Till date it is good. I regularly keep watch on the speed and bandwidth and so fat it has been really great. Once I happened to call their customer service and the person who spoke to me was really very good. Keep up the good work Sky!
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by Annie M  on  2011-06-27
This should be the worst provide that is available. The connection speed for the package I have opted for is 11Mbps where as I get only 300 Kbps. At times, the connection does not work at all. Though their rates are competitive, they do not provide the promised speed. Avoid the connection at all costs friends, my experience with Sky is worse.
Rating: Average

Reviewed by Patric  on  2011-06-19
I did not till date have any serious problems with Sky. It is not that I never had problems, I did have but was sorted out very quickly. Their customer care was pretty helpful and the guy with whom I spoke was really helpful. When compared with the other broadband providers, Sky is doing a good job. I will surely recommend it to others. Though some may have had a bad experience, I did not.
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by Henry K  on  2011-06-13
Sky is next to useless. Their broadband connection seems to work only during day time from 9 to 5. With a worse connectivity and even worse customer service. After frequent disconnections and poor speed, I called their customer care. Every time I was promised that I will get a call back, but no response. I even mailed them regarding the same. Now I am planning to find another provider.
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Eliza  on  2011-06-08
Beware friends..! You will surely be taken over by the amazing packages offered by Sky, but please don’t fall in these traps. You will never get the speed that they have advertised. Not just me, my friends too have the same issue with Sky. They will answer your call promptly but will never turn up to sort the issue. This may continue for days, weeks and at times months….Friends….keep away from Sky.
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Carie  on  2011-06-04
I have been with Sky for the past 4 months and I must say that they are doing a great job. I am getting consistent speed in spite of me living a bit away from the exchange. I did have a little problem in between and had called their call centre once. I was answered promptly and the problem was sorted out fast. I am happy with the Sky unlimited connection I have taken.
Rating: Outstanding

Reviewed by Michel  on  2011-05-31
The connection is awesome. High speed internet browsing, quick downloading and I can’t believe that I’m getting all this from Sky broadband. Six years ago, I gave-up Sky because of its poor performance and went to a new provider, which became dreadfully slow and unaffordable. Then I realized how fair Sky was and I returned. Now, not only the payment but also the speed of the connection makes me so happy. Instead of 20kb (due to which I gave up the connection 6 years ago), now I’m getting nearly 4.5MB and trouble free down loading. I can even attend incoming calls without losing browsing speed.
Rating: Outstanding

Reviewed by Emma  on  2011-05-28
I took Sky Broadband two years before, after I turned my back to Plusnet. The speed of the connection is amazingly high and I can use both phone line and internet simultaneously. During night, after 9.00 the browsing speed is very high. I can download files easily in between browsing. They are charging me so fairly for using broadband and service supports are also good. If you call them for any assistance or complaints, you can talk to the customer executive and they will take your requests seriously and you will get it solved within hours. If the problem is not so big, they will give you directions to clear it yourself, in the middle of talks.
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by Sam Bruce  on  2011-05-25
I don't understand why you people are talking like this? Make suggestions on things, only if you have sufficient experience with it. I’m using Sky for 2 years and I don't have any trouble, not yet. Before Sky, I was using 3 and I gave-up the connection because of its “superb” performance. My new connection is very good. The only problem is the speed of the connectivity and it occurs only when downloading takes place in-between browsing. For me, the charges are also fair enough while comparing with the previous one.
Rating: Good

Reviewed by mick  on  2009-11-28
got max package was OK till the phone llne probem stated 4 weeks ago phoned sky 4 times over 4 hours of calls promised engineer visit 3 times still waiting for phone line to be fixed RUBISH SERVICE CUSTOMER SUPPORT
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Anna  on  2008-07-08
I have been with Sky for a year and I have had nothing but bad service from them! Firstly I had to have 3 routers sent to me as everyone I received was broken. They said that I would get 8mg but I am not even getting 1mg. After a 50minute wait in a call queue (even after being told that the call would be answered in 15 mins) I had still not been put through to an adviser. In the end I went through to cancellations and I am now waiting for my MAC code. My advice to you all is to NOT go with Sky Broadband; they do not know what they are talking about! The only decent thing about Sky is the price of the package; I yet to find another provider who offers this low value cost!
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Ramsay  on  2008-05-26
I signed with Sky Max package. I did not have any problem so far. Amazing speeds and excellent service.
Rating: Good

Reviewed by Roger  on  2008-05-12
Sky broadband and TV packages are excellent money savers. Phone services are indeed poor. Over-all, they are reliable ISP.
Rating: Good

Reviewed by Jane  on  2008-05-06
I signed up for Sky package that should offer 16 Mbps, but i dont get more than 3 Mbps. Poor customer service. I wont recommend this dreadful service to anyone
Rating: Average

Reviewed by Frost  on  2008-04-10
My Sky Max offers not more than 8 Mbps but they advertise it is super-fast connection. When I contacted their customer support, I had to wait for a long time only to get answers that have not solved my problem so far. I would suggest not to go for these ultra-fast broadband services unless you get assured of the advertised speeds. It is sheer waste of money.
Rating: Average

Reviewed by Nicole  on  2008-04-12
I have been a Sky TV customer for five years and last year, I signed up Sky Base which is free with my TV package. Decent speeds but reliable most of the times. Customer support is prompt and helpful.
Rating: Good

Reviewed by Simon  on  2008-04-03
Excellent packages from Sky but speeds are just half of what they advertise. I signed up with their 16MB service, but the speeds are disappointing. However, prices are cheaper considering the TV pacakge you get.
Rating: Good

Reviewed by Emmet  on  2008-03-29
I get 10 Mbps speed while my package indicates 16 Mbps speed. This is not bad, many say. Digital TV channels from Sky TV pack provide wholesome entertainment to my family.
Rating: Good

Reviewed by Anon.  on  2007-12-12
Abysmal service from the start. Had two routers fail on me within six months and Sky now say that the new improved router is only for their brand new customers. Very rude customer services.
Rating: Poor

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