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Fuel Broadband - Consumer Reviews

We have some reviews written by consumers for making your choice easy. You can also contribute a quick review that would definitely help others by visiting our Broadband Reviews page.

Reviewed by Craig Solly  on  2014-04-30
Primus saver fibre packages are fantansic with good offers . Broadband packages are too cheap.They will never charge extra for any of their packages moreover its call centres are located in the UK.
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by susan hudson  on  2013-11-09
Never known a customer service like it , always held in Queue 20th, 18th 25th etc cannot get through to talk to any one ,and when u send an email takes a week or so for a reply it they reply at all, i have been trying to talk to some one about upgrading yo unlimited for months as i keep getting charged for excessive usage , and im not getting any where and im on an 18month contract, Disgusted with PRIMUS
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Maisie  on  2012-04-20
I have never experienced any good from Primus. They charged extra for the connection and more over their customer service is not that satisfactory.
Rating: Good

Reviewed by Holly  on  2012-04-20
No problem so far. Connection is stable though at times itâs slow particularly during peak hours. Customer support is fine and the response that I get from them is instant. Though no broadband provider can work without any problems from their side, every problem faced by us has been corrected promptly.
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by Mike  on  2011-10-28
Good going...good speed and even good customer service. Others do have to learn a lot from these people. hats off!!!
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by Ian  on  2011-09-19
I have started to use Primussaver and till now I did not have an severe issue. The speed is good and so is the service. It is reliable and you get good value for the money you spend. On the whole, good!!
Rating: Good

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