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Post Office broadband claims that its packages offer reliable speeds and better money value to their customers. If you are on budget, the best way to save your money is just taking Post office telephone service and their broadband package together.

Post Office broadband offers two packages. The standard package will cost £15.95 per month and offers 8MB broadband with 5GB download limit. Post Office Broadband Extra offers unlimited usage allowance and costs £20.95 per month.

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Post Office Broadband - Consumer Reviews

We have some reviews written by consumers for making your choice easy. You can also contribute a quick review that would definitely help others by visiting our Broadband Reviews page.

Reviewed by Donald  on  2014-01-17
Until recently, a useable service but it has become vitually unuseable and their tech support are clueless and useless. Frequently I get less than 1Mbps and during evenings and weekends, the connection repeatedly fails. Absolutely hopeless. I have just requested MAC code to leave. AVOID like the plague.
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Annie  on  2012-04-12
Although customer service rendered by Post Office broadband provider was quite appealing in the beginning, their performance came down slower and slower. I hope their service doesnât get even worse. I recommend all new customers to read through the article before actually going in for any broadband provider.
Rating: Good

Reviewed by Jones  on  2012-04-12
I have been a Post Office broadband customer for the past one year and have found their service to be satisfactory only at times and this ultimately makes my broadband activity inconsistent. Also, customer service provided is not that satisfactory although they respond quickly at times. Post Office broadband needs to improve their services at the earliest.
Rating: Good

Reviewed by mark  on  2009-04-28
actual service is great ,good speeds and coupled with the phone option great value, but as for customer service and support this is where its got bad, well for me any way. I have been cut off with out notice, been billed for 2 months calls/service in one go due to technical problems their end, again with no contact or explanation, no paper bill sent out, unable to access my bill online .....if they could sort out the poor customer service it would be a good deal
Rating: Good

Reviewed by David Turner  on  2009-04-13
Excellent value for the Broadband and Homephone package. Free calls evening and weekends plus at the weekend free calls to 20 international destinations and mobiles. BT supply the service but Post Office bill you (considerably less!) Never had any speed trouble.Set up is with a software-free modem..Dead easy! This package is excellent value.I urge you to take a look
Rating: Outstanding

Reviewed by Lee  on  2008-04-11
I have been with Post Office for about 1 year. Except a few problems I had in the first two months, the service has been good so far. Nice speeds!
Rating: Good

Reviewed by Rachel  on  2008-04-04
I am disappointed with their service. Connection failures and dwindling speeds have become customary with Post Office. I would move to another provider and I would not recommend it to anyone.
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Larry  on  2008-04-05
Broadband & phone packages from PostOffice helped me to check my bill which always soared when I was with my previous ISP. Great service!
Rating: Good

Reviewed by Orwell  on  2008-03-27
First I thought, PostOffice is an expensive ISP. Indeed, I signed up with PostOffice when my friend suggested. My decision was in fact not wrong. Excellent service. High reliability. I don't mind spending a bit more for such great packages.
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by Ian Saunders  on  2008-03-18
Communication right from the start has been good. The service was transferred as scheduled and download speed is where it should be for my location. I had a slight problem with accessing e-mail in Mozzila Thunderbird due to a configuration glitch but that was resolved. The supplied Netgear router/firewall installed itself satisfactorily but it would have been helpful if the Postoffice had advised of the need to wait for several hours after the initial changed were made by BT. Overall not a bad transfer and a happy customer is the result.
Rating: Excellent

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