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Unlimited Business Fibre Broadband + UK Anytime Calls No 0Mb No      
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PlusNet - Consumer Reviews

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Reviewed by henry  on  2014-07-14
Good broadband speed and good customer service too...
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by smith  on  2014-06-16
i am using plusnet for the last one year. connection speeds are good, excellent support on telephone
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by Martin  on  2012-04-20
Good service, not much technical problems, excellent online management, good package.
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by David  on  2012-04-20
Change of pricing without any information to me. They changed unlimited download in the first plan. It's bugging, not having clarity.
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Brian P  on  2011-10-27
I am very happy that I shifted to Plusnet . With my previous provider, I was having a hell problems. Frequent disconnection and poor service was what I faced with them. Thanks I have shifted and till now no issues.
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by Jim G  on  2011-09-24
I was a bit surprised to see all the negative comments on various websites about PlusNet. But I have a totally different experience. Since I migrated to Plusnet 6 months back, I did not have any problems on speed as well as connectivity. Both were just fine when compared to my previous provider. The most important thing is that the people at their customer care centre know their job and does it fine.
Rating: Good

Reviewed by Sam Paul  on  2011-09-08
Excellent job.....good service. I was having a double mind when I opted for Plusnet. But I think as of now, I have made the right decision. The installation was pretty fast. Their costs low and the service guys.,....simply great!! Good Going!!!
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by Sam  on  2011-08-11
I have read most of the comments here.....I wonder how the same provider can be good to some and worse for some. My connection is not so reliable and I am not the least bit happy using it. I goes off often and sometimes it takes nearly 2 days to get sorted. I personally suggest to go for another provider than Plusnet.
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Niky A  on  2011-07-13
When I shifted to Plusnet, many of my friends warned me of their poor service and speed. There were a few dropouts initially, but the problem was identified by a person at their Indian call centre. They have unlimited package that too at a very affordable price. The only thing is that you have to ask. So far so good! I am hoping to get the same service throughout.
Rating: Good

Reviewed by Tony K  on  2011-07-04
I am glad that I shifted my broadband provider. If you are on the look out of a UK provider that will give you good service and speed at a great price, then Plusnet is the one for you. Apart from the great speed they also offer a wide choice to tools that is really very helpful. Plusnet has been great fore till date and I am happy.
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by Daniel J  on  2011-06-28
I found a lot of negative reviews here and thought I would put up my positive experience with Plusnet. First of all, I must say that it is not as worse as mentioned hereâ¦.though each may have had different experience. I have a very good experience with Plusnet. I am very glad that I have opted for Plusnet and mow after a year Iâm about to renew my contract. From the day I started off with Plusnet, I did not have any worries with speed or their customer service. I did not have to wait for long till someone answered my call or my problem sorted out. Keep up the good work Plusnet!!
Rating: Outstanding

Reviewed by Steve M  on  2011-06-21
Competing amid the leading providers, Plusnet could never make it to the top with a worse customer service and frequent disconnection of lines. I have been using their connection for nearly 6 months and is looking to change the provider. Though their rates are competitive, their service and speed are poor.
Rating: Average

Reviewed by Martin L  on  2011-06-16
After using Plusnet, I must admit that it is one of the worst broadband broadband providers. Poor speed and frequent disconnections....I am fed up!! They even have a worse customer care centre. Please friends..dont opt for Plusnet....its simply waste of money as well as time.
Rating: Average

Reviewed by Thomas  on  2011-06-08
Recently I moved to Plusnet and I think I have made a wrong decision. I donât get the promised speed and when I call them, I get lame excuses for the loss of speed. Moreover, they charged me for excess usage. With snail like speed, there is zero possibility for this. Now I have changed the provider and they charged me extra of terminating their contract. Please donât go for Plusnet. I will never recommend it to any one.
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Mark G  on  2011-05-30
With Plusnet, connection charges were so fair and affordable but, the browsing speed was going down day by day. When you download files in between browsing, browsing suffers a lot and the browsing speed decreases significantly. The service is also useless, no response to customer requests. If you dial them, you will get preloaded answers and you will not be connected to the customer relation executives. I gave-up my connection 2 months before and now, Iâm with O2, providing good speed and better downloading. Now Iâm thinking about O2 mobile connection as well.
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Ben Mathew  on  2011-05-26
I wonât tell any body to take Plusnet. Being a user for past 5 months, I got nothing but learned to how to become a good arguer. The connection is useless and need to pay so much. At daytime, the speed will never come to the offered rates, and suddenly goes down when some downloads take place. During night, browsing is pretty fast but need to wait until the bed time of the other users in the locality. Now, Iâm seriously thinking about my withdrawal, at least I can sleep on time.
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Robert Irvine  on  2009-11-05
Do not be misled Plusnet does not currently offer a PAYG option. My rating is based on this fact and not on any other Plusnet Service.
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Robert Irvine  on  2009-11-05
Do not be misled Plusnet does not currently offer a PAYG option. My rating is based on this fact and not on any other Plusnet Service.
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Samuel  on  2008-05-25
PlusNet Option 4 caters all my broadband needs. There hadn't been a problem since the installation. Everything goes fine. I would recommend PlusNet to all home users.
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by Jen Diaz  on  2008-05-15
With PlusNet package, I get free wi-fi minutes and free usage during nights. Instead of going slow, unlimited broadband packages, I chose a Plusnet package which did not disappoint me at all.
Rating: Good

Reviewed by Daniel  on  2008-05-07
I like the free usage between 12 to 8am. Customer service and online help is quite outstanding. Recently, they have increased usage allowance. PlusNet is highly recommendable.
Rating: Good

Reviewed by Mark  on  2008-05-02
Excellent service. Cost-effective broadband and homephone call plans.
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by Kate  on  2008-04-11
PlusNet is really good, and so far not disappointing to the extent that others would. After staying with Option 2 and recently, I upgraded to option 3 as my broadband needs are growing and found PlusNet is the best option. So far it is good, I would stay with PlusNet and I would like to pat their dedicated customer service team for wonderful service
Rating: Good

Reviewed by Orwell  on  2008-04-07
Two years ago, I started my broadband with PlusNet. Customer support and Online help is amazing and no wonder that it got ISPA award for the best consumer ISP. Presently, I am with Package 3 that provides excellent broadband and cheaper call plan option. It is a great option for my family and complete package too.
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by Richie  on  2008-04-02
Just four months ago I signed up with PlusNet. Since, I am not a regular user, I chose Option 1 which comes with 9.99 a month. I also got a router which works well till now. Their customer service is one of the best I have ever seen. The freebies like free VoIP calls and free usage between midnight and 8am are really fantastic
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by Clarke  on  2008-03-29
PlusNet really offers great value to your money. Unlike other ISPs, they do not make much fuss about unlimited download limit. I get unlimited usage between midnight and 8 am. If you want to download a lot and also want to save money, choose a package from PlusNet.
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by angeline  on  2007-11-10
Pros: Fastest service. Worthful for the money. Cons: Nothing Available.
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by Steve  on  2007-10-13
I paid for the connection before - hand and was waiting for the router to reach me. The customer service said that they had sent the router via Royal Mail. When I demanded for the mailing number, they gave me one as well. I contacted the RM and they said that they did not get such an order at all! All this took about a month and at the end when I demanded my money back, they deducted one month's service charge for the service that they did not even provide me!! Now what do I call that?! Awful!
Rating: Average

Reviewed by Mary  on  2007-10-12
Pros: Value for money, connectivity good Cons: Customer service could be made good as the response got is late
Rating: Good

Reviewed by Hussain  on  2007-11-07
I got this connection about 2 months back. For about a month it was fine. The problem started when I tried to set up the wireless router (which was chosen for the deal on wireless connection). I've had 2 routers sent now and neither one is issuing an IP address. I contacted the customer service and was told that it would get corrected, but so far nothing of that sort has happened! I am waiting and waiting and still waiting. Planning to change the connection to BT Total, hoping that the service would be fine there!
Rating: Average

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