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Pipex is the fifth largest ISP in the UK and was recently acquired by Tiscali. The offers from Pipex sound quite attractive as they provide options to combine Pipex call plans with broadband deals thus adding great value for your money. Pipex Mini, their cheapest broadband deal offers you a free wireless router for a standard price of just  £9.99 per month.

Pipex also offers two months free broadband if you switch to their broadband deals. Another thing that fascinates us is the ease with we can configure the router which makes the installation procedure much simpler and easier. All packages offer free weekend & Evening calls to UK landlines. Each package also comes with anti-virus software and an Internet firewall to protect your computer from hackers.

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Pipex - Consumer Reviews

We have some reviews written by consumers for making your choice easy. You can also contribute a quick review that would definitely help others by visiting our Broadband Reviews page.

Reviewed by p doherty  on  2009-03-26
Broadband poor, customer sevice non existent, threatening letters a year after cancellation
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Ann P  on  2009-03-21
I only wish I could give this crew minus stars as they dont deserve any at all. My problems started last June 2008 and are still ongoing despite the fact that I have been with another provider since last November 2008. To those people who have given them any stars, just wait until you try and cancel to move to another provider. They ignore phone calls, emails, letters, you name it and they ignore you and then try and charge you for the privilege. AVOID PIPEX LIKE THE PLAGUE if you value your sanity.
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by James  on  2009-03-10
only dial up speed instead of up to 8 MB
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by V.S  on  2009-02-26
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by JB  on  2009-02-17
Long ago they were a very good company - no bother, ok tech support. Then they went downhill. First poor speeds then total incompetence on the financial side. Keep well away from these cowboys.
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Neil Andrew Tredwell  on  2009-02-05
Awful, Terrible, Banging your head against a wall is better than trying to deal with Pipex. Letters and e-mails not answered customer services (joke) have no idea, Very quick to contact you if you owe them money otherwise ignore you. I am now going to the arbitration service to try and get money back. Unless you are a complete masochist do not go anywhere near Pipex or Tiscali group.
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by john browning  on  2009-01-13
Appalling. Avoid them at all costs. Dickens Circumlocation Office has nothing on Pipex. This disgraceful outfit probably makes more money on 0871 calls than in subscriptions.
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Stuart  on  2009-01-12
My advice to anyone looking at Pipex / Tiscali is AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE. After six years with Pipex broadband, I left after being overcharged three months running and spending over 2 hours on the phone trying to get them to refund me. Even after they had supplied me with my MAC code, and I had given it to my new ISP, Pipex still claimed that I was still a Pipex customer! I would also like to add that their customer service is quite possibly the worst customer service I have ever experienced.
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by James  on  2008-12-19
I have Pipex business and it is very good overall. Very reliable.
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by Phoenix  on  2008-11-25
Pipex well what can I say now. I was with Pipex for a while the service was great no down time pings, low and customer service and connection was fine, until I found out after being merged or took over or whatever Tiscali took over I was not happy because I was on Tiscali before Pipex and had server probems then that is why I went to Pipex. After this change over I was getting charged more, my connection dropped and pings changed. When calling to Pipex I noticed it was a different call centre people who dont have a clue in ADSL or I.T at all and did not understand english at all very well. I cancelled this after getting a migration code and also changing my phone calls from them to O2. The Pipex team had a cheek to charge a fee even though I was out of contract and asking to pay a bill as well for the broadband. I was on the phone for at least 1hr and half. It was hopeless and annoying, saying it was my equipment! I cancelled all together and scrapped the migration code. Moving over to O2 Broadand ADSL+2 LLU giving me extra 3mb onto of 3.1 taking mt connection to 6.1mb which is good for me from the distance. The speed is great O2 are good service is OK am using my own Netgear DG834 instead of theres for more security and other Protocols as well. Pipex are a waste of time and should be terminated all together now I will never go back to them even if it is free. Bye Bye Pipex
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by suzanna westall  on  2008-11-21
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by suzanna westall  on  2008-11-21
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by j harding  on  2008-11-12
abosolutely appaulling customer service - no one calls back - hanging on for ages - people abroad keep ringing but only for money!!! outrageous service
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by elaine  on  2008-09-02
I am with pipex, customer service is terrible, they have now changed their tel no to a premium rate, l rang their technical support as l had no broadband and was on hold for 6 mins on two occasions, then was cut off, l rang their sales lines which was answered immediatley who asked me to ring back. So l am looking for another broadband provider.
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Tony  on  2008-08-20
Appalling service. Webmail problem still not sorted out after 9 days. It was fine before Tiscali. I am off!
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Richard  on  2008-07-22
Pipex have the worst customer relations dept I have ever known. Since I left them in May 08 I have been constantly hassled by off shore call centres telling me I am in debt, to a firm I am no longer with. I have took the matter up with them personally, only to be fobbed off by a different person, time after time. Aviod this firm at all costs
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by gerry  on  2008-07-08
Was good but has now been taken over by tiscali, tried to contact customer care by mail and was horrified to receive a letter from tiscali customer care some joke unhelpful no name or signature at the bottom of the page, will look for another provider when the contract expires.
Rating: Good

Reviewed by Bryan Weir  on  2008-06-26
Technical support very poor. Modem went faulty and their were useless at getting things fixed. Ended up ordering a modem myself. They promised 4 times amodem was on its way - still waiting after 7 weeks!
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Claire  on  2008-06-20
Have been with Pipex for years, and everything OK until they were taken over by Tiscali. Rotten services since - kept losing connection, only to find we had "dropped off" their server. Took ages to find this out. Then they suddenly decided to start charging a fee out of the blue for paying by credit card. Also discovered we were paying 19.99 a month for Pipex Midi, which they were advertising online for 14.99! Then I lost total connection two days ago. Pipex denied it was anything to do with them, then - after numerous calls - said "have you tried using @xtreme.pipex.net instead of @dsl.pipex.net?" In other words, they had changed us onto a new server again without telling us! Am looking into finding a new ISP as I have had enough. They obviously can not cope with migrating Pipex customers onto Tiscali, which is a rubbish service compared to the old Pipex one, anyway. AVOID!!!!
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by David Masterton  on  2008-05-30
I was left without webmail for a month in February whilst on holiday. Upon return no explanation, no excuses, nothing. Customer service - nonexistent since Tiscali took over. No problems before. Looking to move ASAP if I can ever get my MAC from them. My advice - STAY WELL CLEAR
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Dave  on  2008-05-26
Customer service is abysmal. E-mails are answered early hours from a call centre based who knows where. They send a standard e-mail which seems to absolve them from doing anything constructive. Since Tiscali took over it's gone down hill. I am changing to another supplier if I ever get an MAC off them, two months now and still waiting!!
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Patrick  on  2008-05-17
I have been with Pipex for about 4 years, and the customer service has just become the worst, they have been bought over by Tiscili..however they are not interested in assisting with exsisting Pipex customers only if you are new customer...so were does that leave me..and wild horses would not drag me back to BT...
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Ed  on  2008-03-29
Take Pipex broadband with anytime call plan and you can save money. Otherwise, you can not get the best out of Pipex. You can make unlimited phone calls to UK landlines. Speeds are quite ok. I can recommend Pipex to anyone without any hesitation.
Rating: Good

Reviewed by Marie  on  2008-02-12
I have been disappointed with Pipex for the last three months, though the service was good before. Sometimes speeds slow down and I hope that PIpex will improve it. The free calls with my packge saves money and so was their free wireless router offer. Presently, I can give only 2 stars to Pipex
Rating: Average

Reviewed by Fedup  on  2008-01-20
I've been with Pipex for over six years and all has been well until the last few months. Their customer service is virtually non existant via email(it took 3 weeks to reply to a technical query)If you telephone they seem tgo have a couldn't care less attitude. I'm looking to move shame after all these years. It's all gone wrong since Tiscalli took over,or so it seems.
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by S Forsyth  on  2008-01-13
I joined pipex on Aug o7 worse thing I ever did, it took them 4 mths to contact me with a message I was temporally suspended, I managed to get back on them only for me them to cancell my contract of which I was glad only to be told I owe them for the cancellation, terrible firm do not approach them
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Mark Green  on  2007-08-28
I have been with Pipex for over 5 years and have recommended it to dozens of friends and clients. however in 2007 I wouldn't recommend it to my dog. Their customer services have slipped constantly, none of the people I recommended (that I know of) are still with them as they have all had problems and changed to a better ISP. For the past year or two I have been putting up with them rather than enjoying their service and after they tied me in for 12 months on a so-called upgrade, I can't wait till October when I can leave without penalties. That's if I can actually get through to them for them to provide me with a MAC number. The final problem came this week when they nearly cut me off while I was away on holiday because I have just been told that my credit card details are out of date after 8 month and of course they want 8 months money this week.
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by disgruntled, Castleford  on  2007-04-02
We ordered Pipex Broadband on the 5 February. It is now the 2 April and we still have no internet. Initially it was a 3 week wait for the modem and set things in motion. 3 weeks down the line we phoned to see where the modem was. Nobody knew anything about our order - it had not been placed!! We gave them another chance. Still no modem. Weekly we phoned to be told that "you are connected at our end." Everytime we are told the modem was posted yesterday with a 3 to 5 day delivery. You can never speak to a manager.Some staff are helpful, others are not and after more than 10 phone calls we are cancelling the broadband we have never received and risking trying with another provider. I would not recommend Pipex.
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by W J Witcombe  on  2007-05-19
Customer services stinks. I upgraded from 1M to upto 8M in november 2006. First bill after that included a fee for canceling my 1M.I phoned and they agreed that it wrong.After numerous calls and letters none of which were answered. I finaly got a correct bill 4 months later in may 2007.
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by michael  on  2007-02-12
i have had homecall/pipex for nearly 4 yrs and just been told that its tiscalli that provides my broadband and the speed i have had over the past week has been absolutely terrible im on a 4 meg,and for the past week and a half my speed cant get by 64k,i have phoned and all i get is do a 24hr speed test and get back to us my speed has been brilliant up to now the were good at one point ,but i would not recommend them anymore,as the seem to fob u off to try and keep u with them,
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Tony Ericsson  on  2007-01-12
Their free phone call offers are attractive. Their download speeds upto 8 Mbs are quite sufficient. For the past 4 years, Iam using their connections. They are offering good customer support. Their special offer of free modem and free connection and free Firewall and Anitvirus are very much helpful.
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by Martina Bob  on  2007-01-11
Iam having Pipex connections for the past two years. Evenings and nights when there is heavy traffic, some times the conections are slow. It gets right within 5 minutes and there has been no problems with their connections.
Rating: Good

Reviewed by Julie  on  2006-12-18
Whilst I have no problems with the Pipex internet service, their email leaves a lot to be desired. My emails (both sent by me, and sent to me) seem to disappear into thin air never to be seen again! After speaking to their technical department on a few occasions I gave up and tried to end my contract with Pipex. This proved impossible, as the email they sent to me, to complete and return to them, also disappeared into thin air. I have now emailed their customer service department and cancelled that way.
Rating: Average

Reviewed by Ray Sinclair  on  2006-11-25
I have been using pipex for the past 3 years. So far they have done a good job. I have gone through the other reviews, it’s true that their customer service is not so good but other than that when it comes to speed and working, its great. The free off peak calls they provide us with lets us feel the value for money. The packages they provide with and the range of multiple services is really good. Other than the customer service, there is no other fault that you can find in them. Pipex is the only ISP that I would strongly recommend to any of my friends.
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by Ewomo  on  2006-11-22
I have had nothing from pipex except hassle. They have such an irritating customer service. You just cant imagine how expensive it is. When you call they put you on wait for a minimum of 20 mins ( remember u are paying to a concern with which you are already not satisfied). And they will promise that the problem will be solved in 24hrs or so. And it will be proved in 48 hrs that the call was a mere wastage for which you will have to call again and this goes as a vicious circle.
Rating: Good

Reviewed by lterski  on  2006-11-14
Their customer service seems to be good but nothing else. There are a lot of disconnections. There had been no problem for me to shift from BT to pipex but then the problem rose from modem to internet. Everything. First of all my phone connection was cut off for more than a week and then the internet disk went faulty. I can't comment any further coz I have not yet received the actual product.
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by Liam Gardiner  on  2006-11-04
I have opted for Pipex, since they have highly flexible broadband packages suiting my range of affordability. They have high speed of up to 8 Mb and offer a Pipex home phone with no extra cost. I am able to save through the added extras and freebies such as free set-up, modems, loyalty rewards, home telephone deals and more. They provide excellent customer service and are highly reliable.
Rating: Outstanding

Reviewed by Larry Gtill  on  2006-10-14
I have been using Pipex Broadband for 5 years. I am very much impressed with Pipex for its good value packages and their range of multiple services. It is very easy to install and access. As other ISP suppliers, they also offer free off peak calls and you can experience the value for money. However, never think of moving within a year, since they would charge you an early cancellation fee. I will highly recommend Pipex for having a hassle free broadband connection.
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by joshua  on  2007-11-14
I hope this is the ISP service that offers easy installation. Hassle free service and the packages are really an impressive one. Strongly recommended!
Rating: Average

Reviewed by mike  on  2007-11-20
Extremely low price compared to other rivals. So far no problem and offering a good quality service. Other than that their customer service is not much good. The free off peak calls offered by the pipex are the real value for money. I would recommend this ISP without any doubt
Rating: Good

Reviewed by Flintoff  on  2007-10-15
Pros: Good technical support Cons: Expensive and connectivity problems at times
Rating: Good

Reviewed by Peterson  on  2007-10-19
I curse myself for getting into a 12 months contract with them. Neither am I able to change my connection, nor is the speed developing in this connection. I am fed up. I have no idea what to do now, am in a dilemma now. This is definitely not what I had expected from Pipex. Very bad service indeed. And try calling the customer service, you never get through to them at all. All you do is catch the phone and sit like that! Very poor customer service. They don't even consider customers at all. A sale is over and that's it!
Rating: Average

Reviewed by kevin  on  2007-10-22
I have had a satisfying experience with Pipex. I have this connection for the past 4 years and so far the connection has been at fault about 3 times. Though it takes more than 20 minutes over phone to get over to the customer service, once we get through, the complaint is taken good care of. The technical support is also good.
Rating: Good

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