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O2 broadband packages offer great money value to O2 mobile customers as well as to the new customers who sign up to their superfast broadband deals.  O2 broadband is well known for their reliability, high speeds and superb customer service.

O2 broadband offers three packages. The Standard package offers 8MB download speed and unlimited download limit. For the O2 customers, this package will cost just £7.34 per month.

O2 Broadband Premium offers 20 MB download speed at a monthly price of just £9.79 for O2 customers.

The Ultimate package offers 20Mb download speed and unlimited download speed at a price of £17.50 per month.

With O2 broadband, you can get a free modem or free wireless router and free McAfee security & parental controls.

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O2 Broadband - Consumer Reviews

We have some reviews written by consumers for making your choice easy. You can also contribute a quick review that would definitely help others by visiting our Broadband Reviews page.

Reviewed by Henry  on  2012-04-12
After searching around, O2 seemed to give me the best choice of £3.50 for broadband. No problems with the connection.
Rating: Average

Reviewed by Henry  on  2012-04-12
Connection breaks down often and work gets spoilt. Peak times in evening are worse.
Rating: Good

Reviewed by Jane  on  2011-10-27
I will not describe O2 as excellent or outstanding. But they are just good, with plus points as well as a few drawbacks. When compared to other providers, sometimes I feel that they are good and at times worse. After all, which provider is perfect???
Rating: Good

Reviewed by Russell James  on  2011-09-23
O2 has nothing very good to mention about them. I have been with O2 for the past 2 years, but still I personally would not recommend it to anybody. You get much better deals with other providers with better speed. I did faced problems with O2 and was sorted out, but not so quickly as I thought they would as per the assurance they gave me when I signed up with the. Try to avoid O2.
Rating: Average

Reviewed by Ian D  on  2011-09-12
I have been tied up with O2 for years, to be specific, from the time they started off. I was facing the problem of frequent disconnection and I called up O2 to resolve the issue. Every one whom I spoke to gave different answers. The main issue is that the will not listen to what I am saying and give in their opinion. Their technical support team is horrible. I will not recommend O2 to any body.
Rating: Average

Reviewed by Maggie  on  2011-08-11
I am very happy with my new connection with O2. The initial investment too was less when compared to other providers from whom I got a quote keeping in mind that there was no BT line to my place. The customer service is pretty good and deals with you very promptly. I will surely recommend this to all my friends and relatives.
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by Maria  on  2011-07-21
I am happy that I shifted to O2. Compared to my previous provider, I get better speed as well as service. The customer service people are simply great! The rates are also competitive for the service I get. I did not have any serious hassles with O2. Keep up the good work guys!!
Rating: Good

Reviewed by Annie M  on  2011-07-18
I have been with Orange with more than 2 years for now. It is cheap and offers good speed. I never faced any issue that I had to call their call centre. I am really very happy with the service I get and I will recommend it to all.
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by Joan  on  2011-07-07
After being with O2 for a year now and compared with my previous experiences I never had a problem. I am really impressed. I am sure I will continue with them if this is the service and speed that I continue to get. It is worth paying more to set aside the irritations of dealing with problems.
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by Nebula A  on  2011-06-30
After being with them for nearly a year, I have not had any serious issues till date. I did not face any sort of interrupted service. When I compare with the experience I had with my previous provider, I must say that that O2 deserves a lot of applause. I will surely continue with them if this is the service and speed that I ma going to get in the future too. It is worth the money that I spend and it is worth paying more than paying less and facing a lot of issues.
Rating: Outstanding

Reviewed by Amilie  on  2011-06-11
O2 gives you good value for your money. After being with them for nearly 2 years, I am very happy with their service and speed. Being an online game addict, I can play almost all games with perfection.
Rating: Outstanding

Reviewed by Smith K  on  2011-06-07
I have been using O2 for the past 2 years and I did not face any serious issues that were not sorted out. I am pretty happy with the connection. I get the advertised speed and it offers great value for the money that I spend on it every month. Their customer service is good too. Good going O2.
Rating: Outstanding

Reviewed by Aiden J  on  2011-05-30
Two years ago, I have turned my back to Plusnet and became an O2 broadband user. The connection is fairly good with a speed of 20mbps and better downloading. I can use phone line and internet simultaneously. Customer service is also satisfactory. When my internet connection faced some troubles one month ago, I dialed the customer care. I was told that the connection will be cleared within two days and they finished the work on the time. If someone asks me, without further thinking I will suggest O2 broadband.
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by Harry Alex  on  2011-05-26
If you are looking for better performance, service supports, you will get it on O2 broadband. I have been with them for past three years and they gave me no chance to complain. Expected speeds of 20Mbps and fast downloading through out the day and affordable rates. Iâm not going anywhere and so happy here, with O2.
Rating: Outstanding

Reviewed by jon White  on  2009-10-28
Recently my O2 broadband has been having serious connection drop out problems. It drops for no reason, so I have to restart my router everytime to fix it. I'm having this problem over and over, I tried to speak to O2 about it about 7 times but every time I get told to restart my router, which isn't convenient. And this is not something I intended to have. i previously had Virgin but only joined O2 because people said it was good, reliable and fast. I've got at least 4 other friends who use O2 as well and they're having the same problems too. My friends are quite computer litrate and work for big IT firms, they all think it's something wrong with their new router they are supplying. I don't know what to do now. Any advice guys?
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Len Owen  on  2009-09-29
I switched our broadband to o2 about 8 weeks ago after reading all the good reviews other customers have submitted. Well, I’ve found that o2 have lived up to the expectation. The internet speed is consistently good at all hours of the day and every day of the week. Every stage of my order was texted to me and the service was connected on the day they said it would be. O2 supplied everything needed for connection including a 4 hard wire port wireless router, 2 filters, modem and Ethernet leads. The instructions are embarrassingly easy and comprehensive to make sure you don’t have a problem. The router is already set up so all you have to do is plug it in. This includes the WEP security. I had to ring the customer services department for some help on four occasions and each call was answered within 10 minutes (once immediately) by people who knew what they were talking about and resolved my problems (nothing to do with the broadband connection which worked straight away). The price is good too. I’m now paying just over half of what I was paying my other ISP. I bought a new wireless router a couple of months beforehand using our previous ISP because the old one kept locking up when our lads were network gaming. The new router was better but the modem speed was severely reduced after gaming use over the wireless connection. I had to switch the router off and on again to restore full speed again. Anyway, now we are using the o2 wireless router all the problems seemed to have disappeared. Strange that! The only criticism I have with this review is that I can’t give o2 six stars.
Rating: Outstanding

Reviewed by Dan  on  2008-10-28
I have been with o2 broadband for 3 months and they have been excellent. I have called them twice and each time they have provided the most friendly and helpful customer service I have had in years. Good connection speed/reliability too. Would definitely recommend them.
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by Andy  on  2008-09-28
O2 broadband now offers both home and mobile broadband and both are excellent products. Not only in speeds, does O2 excel but also in broadband offerings at affordable prices. Superb customer service. Worth recommending.
Rating: Outstanding

Reviewed by Ian Wilson  on  2008-09-07
O2 broadband offers excellent customer service, perhaps the best in the UK. I did not have any kind of problems since the first day. When I need to contact their customer service team, their response is prompt and useful. O2 broadband speeds are better than any other broadband service available in the UK. It is unbelievable that I get around 12.7Mbps on their 16Mb line and the high upload speeds help me to transfer information to internet much faster. Really amazing experience!
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by Mike  on  2008-05-29
Recently, I upgraded my O2 broadband to the Ultimate package. The static IP was an useful feature and the speeds are excellent, reliable all the time. I have never enjoyed online games before.
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by Andy  on  2008-05-05
Excellent, reliable service! It was a nightmare with my previous ISP. Prompt customer support and the setup was much easier. It was the superb speed that has impressed me lot. Highly recommended service to everyone.
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by Irwin  on  2008-05-13
I signed a basic package with O2 broadband. The speed is amazing and I could surf much faster. Their wireless router is indeed superb. The McAfee software with parental controls protect your pc as well as your children. Go for O2 broadband.
Rating: Outstanding

Reviewed by Simon  on  2008-05-21
O2 offers its wireless livebox for wireless network. I could get up to 17 Mbps download speed. Their packages include McAfee security and parental controls. Really, complete package.
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Christie  on  2008-04-05
Excellent speeds, superb UK based customer service. They have helped me right from the beginning. Still now, I did not encounter any problem. Great price and easy-to-use wireless router.
Rating: Excellent

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