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We see Demon Internet as a reliable and customer-friendly ISP in the UK thanks to their extensive network present in UK, Europe and the USA.  A subsidiary of THUS plc, Demon offer a range of broadband solutions to meet the needs of all users over the UK, from the professional home users to the small-to-medium sized businesses.

Demon was also the first ISP to provide their customers with a free anti-phishing service. They offer a range of anti-phishing, anti-virus and anti-spam solutions to customers who have Demon products, and protect them from Internet crimes.

Apart from providing Internet access, Demon also offers a range of voice services, hardware and security products and services, hosting and web services and BlackBerry (mobile) Internet Services.

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Demon - Consumer Reviews

We have some reviews written by consumers for making your choice easy. You can also contribute a quick review that would definitely help others by visiting our Broadband Reviews page.

Reviewed by trasgarian  on  2009-09-15
I have been with Demon for more than twelve years and recently they capped my service. Apparently I was 1gb over their FUP so they capped me. No notice, no friendly 'you are near your limit' just a capped service. They also upgraded me to ADSL2+ without notice or agreement. They changed my billing sequence thereby extending my contract with them arbitrarily by another 7 months. Again no notice or approval sought. The modem that I was using was unstable with ADSL2+, Demon's customer service said, "sorry you need to talk to the modem supplier". I had to buy a new modem to facilitate the change to ADSL2+, an expense I could well have done without. Demon were unconcerned. I am no longer with Demon
Rating: Average

Reviewed by Sharon  on  2008-05-29
My Demon package offers nearly 4.5 Mbps which is good indeed. Unlimited usage limit allows me to browse without the bother of download limit. Excellent customer support.
Rating: Good

Reviewed by Michael  on  2008-05-18
Reliable service and prompt customer support. Go for Demon. I have been with Demon for two years. Not a disconnection failure so far.
Rating: Good

Reviewed by Steve  on  2008-05-12
I signed with Demon last August. Their services have been decent and made my business work easier and enjoyable. As I use internet for long hours, Demon is ideal for heavy users like me.
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by Williams  on  2008-05-04
Excellent service. Demon offers superb money value and there was not a single problem since the first day.
Rating: Good

Reviewed by Will  on  2008-04-11
Demon offers excellent speeds and good customer support. I have been with Demon for two years and so far no technical problem and I am really happy with the performance and service quality of Demon.
Rating: Good

Reviewed by Zen  on  2008-04-04
It is really 'demonic' service and they leave me helpless when I have problem with my connection. Unreliability nothing else.
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Martin Guilfoyle  on  2008-02-20
Great service from a technical perspective, connectivity and everything is fine. Big let down is yet again the outsourcing to India, nothing but language barriers and script readers who have no idea how to think outside the box when you have an issue. Other than that, everything else is fine.
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by Keith  on  2008-04-02
Demon services are excellent. Their unlimited broadband offers reliable connection. Demon Home 8000 is suitable for you if you require a reliable broadband connection for your home and business needs
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by Rickey  on  2007-11-05
Good: High speed service with best quality. Free anti-phishing service. Bad: Not available. Bottom Line: Frankly saying that Demon Rocks!
Rating: Average

Reviewed by manon  on  2007-11-16
Hi all, I have been using this Demon broadband solution for the past two years and it exceeded my expectations. Really saying (not a lie) that this ISP is highly reliable and trust-worthy. Anti - spam and the anti - virus solutions are very useful during the installation of downloadable games.
Rating: Good

Reviewed by Peter  on  2007-10-14
I took this connection about a year back and so far have very little complaints about it. It is expensive, but the connectivity is very good and so makes up for the cost!
Rating: Good

Reviewed by Anorita  on  2007-11-11
This is the best connection that I can ever think of! Good service, wonderful connectivity and cost effective as well
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by Hoop  on  2007-10-02
Pros: very good connectivity, great speed, wonderful broadband Cons: None that I can think of
Rating: Excellent

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