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BE, a subsidiary of O2 group was founded in 2004 and later merged with the Telefonica Company (O2) in 2006. BE's mission is to upgrade the broadband from just an utility to an enriched broadband experience for its customers by providing incredible 24 meg download speeds.

BE offers two ultra speed broadband products for home and an astounding office product providing up to 24 Meg downloading speed and up to 2.5 uploading speed with both limited and unlimited usage options at tempting prices. BE updates the latest technology in their products by offering wireless modem called the BE Box which includes ADSL2+2+, 4 port switch, built-in firewall, router and 802.11g wireless access. With BE Box, you have the convenience to connect three computers using Ethernet cables and one computer with a USB. BE is committed to continue delivering unrestricted broadband service providing real value for money.

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BE - Consumer Reviews

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Reviewed by Ellie  on  2012-04-20
I am quite happy with their service. Any interruptions are informed prior in advance. However, I'm unhappy with their advertised speed and actual speed they provide with. Surfing wireless does not provide good results.
Rating: Good

Reviewed by Molly  on  2012-04-20
Better customer service, download speeds, installation speed and reliability of their services. Connection may sometimes go off during peak times.
Rating: Good

Reviewed by Alexandra  on  2011-10-27
Please friends, avoid Be. To my experience, It's bad. There will be better providers than Be. Though I read through a lot of positive comments for Be on various sites, its not the case with be. Might be I am unlucky and some others are lucky.
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Mike  on  2011-09-22
BE broadband is too good when compared to my previous provider. Though I stay a bit far from the exchange, the speed is good. The customer service too deserves applause. Good Going BE.
Rating: Good

Reviewed by Ann  on  2011-09-12
Avoid BE at all costs!!! I am facing frequent disconnections with no support from BE. They have one of the worst customer service centres too. Apart from the frequent disconnections, the speed is also to low. In addition to all these things, I am facing billing issue too. Avoid BE!!
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Sandra  on  2011-08-15
BE has been good ever since I joined them I have no regrets that I have shifted to Be. Their customer service is good, they offer prompt service and the speed to is pretty good in my area. I will surely recommend it to all my friends and the most important part is that the prices to are reasonable.
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by Margaret J  on  2011-07-12
I shifted to BE hardly 2 months back as I was having serious issues with my previous provider. I am very happy with BE as they provide better speed and their bill statements too are not confusing. Being totally happy with the speed, billing system and reliability, I cannot make any statement on their customer service as I did not use them till now. So far good!!
Rating: Outstanding

Reviewed by Sara  on  2011-06-30
I have made the right decision by changing my provider to BE. When compared to my previous provider and the experiences I had with them, BE is real heaven. Even though I live a bit away from the exchange, I get pretty good speed and the response is I get is also awesome. âExcellentâ is the word that I will use to describe BE.
Rating: Outstanding

Reviewed by Madison  on  2011-06-11
I could not be happier after I migrated to BE. Excellent speed and good customer service! i got quick response to the mails I had sent. Their customer care centre is at Bulgaria and I appreciate the guys there. They speak good English unlike other call centres in India and Ireland. Though it is not he cheapest, you get good value for the money you put in.
Rating: Outstanding

Reviewed by Taylor  on  2011-06-06
Please stay away from BE. Their connection is horrible. The line is always unstable with frequent drop outs. Their customer service is even horrible. They never respond to your complaint soon. Never go for BE, they donât give you the promised speed too.
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Jade  on  2011-06-03
I signed up for a new BE connection last January and since then, I did not face any issue. The speed they offer is as per what they advertised. I am very happy with BE and will surely recommend all to use it.
Rating: Outstanding

Reviewed by William H  on  2011-05-27
Now, I am here with Be, after my âgreatâ experience with 3. Before taking this one, I have made a big research about broadband connections and plans. I decided to select Be not only because of its performance but also the service it provides. On my enquiry, it came to my knowledge that the service assistance Be provides is far better. The connection charges are also good enough. While comparing with my previous connection, this one is performing very well, and providing me better browsing speed and fair downloading. Great connection that values your money, that is Be!
Rating: Outstanding

Reviewed by Charles Flynn  on  2009-11-10
Bethere is the best isp ive ever used, and ive been using the internet since the 14.4k days, they offered me 24mg, and i get around 20 at night and 17 during peak, i also got a free router, 2months free broadband, free connection, and a free static ip, not bad at all.
Rating: Outstanding

Reviewed by Gau  on  2009-04-14
My turn to add a review after being with BeUnlimited for about 4 months now. speed: it is no where near the 14Mbps capacity possible in the cables near my area, nevertheless it is decent. I can download & stream stuff at a reasonable speed (3 to 7Mbps) Value for money: pretty okay, not dead cheap.. at £17.50 a month + line rental, it is competitive to BT, Virgin and others-a good deal if you share it with others in the house. Customer Support: hardly required these days. in the early days I got the line, I had minor issues with line fluctuation & wireless not responding to the ip address but it was solved by the helpdesk promptly. Reliability: As of now, its been pretty good- I keep the broadband switched on 24X7 and it has never gone down in a long time.
Rating: Good

Reviewed by Jones  on  2008-09-10
I have just signed up to Be Value package as they have offered special offer for this package. Excellent speeds and their customer support is outstanding. I consider to upgrade to Be Unlimited once the current contract gets expired. Worth recommending.
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by Eric  on  2008-05-27
Unbelievable speeds. I get more than 10 Mbps download speed. Be Box modem is quite fantastic.
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by Evan  on  2008-06-19
I signed Be Unlimited package recently. Great value package and I get decent speeds. Recommendable.
Rating: Good

Reviewed by Greig  on  2008-05-11
When I looked for an ADSL 2+ broadband, I was told to take Be broadband by my friend. The service is quite outstanding. I can get speeds up 18 Mbps.
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by Jefferson  on  2008-05-07
Be offers the best ever service i have ever known. Stable, reliable connection. I hardly had any disconnection problem since the first day. Superb speeds. Highly recommendable service.
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by Sam  on  2008-05-01
I signed with Be a year ago and there has been no problem since then. Excellent, reliable speeds. Outstanding customer support. Their BeBox wireless modem is outstanding.
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by Andy  on  2008-04-12
I agree with others whey they praise lightning speeds and service of Be. There were problems, however, when I tried to connect its wonderful Be Box modem. May be I am not that good techie to do all that. I had to call technical support but the response was prompt and they acted instantly to fix the problems, in fact there were no problems at all, just a bit of fine tuning and I now get amazing speeds and so far I have never had any problems.
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by Tracy  on  2008-04-07
I chose Be pro on one of my colleague's recommendation. Terrible speeds and I just enjoy my online gaming hobby, also make huge downloads in minutes. Be's customer support outstanding. Unmatchable reliability!
Rating: Outstanding

Reviewed by Scott  on  2008-03-24
Having been with BT for years and never having a technical problem, I decided I wanted more for my money so searched for a better deal. I found BE. What a great package. The speed is amazing even though I live in an old building with wiring issues. I would recomend BE to anyone. Great stuff!
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by John McEwen  on  2008-01-28
Problems from day 1 with disconnects every two to three minutes. They tried a new connection and changed the tie pairs at the exchange - but no improvement. Currently still experiencing disconnects yet they will not allow me to move to another ISP without payment of their cancellation fee. Yet they admit the service is not right.
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Hollis  on  2008-04-01
Be broadband prices are competitive like any other ISP considering the ultra-fast connection speeds they offer. You do not get freebies like email or domain names, but their speeds are reliable and customer service is extremely satisfying. Go for Be package and you wont regret later.
Rating: Good

Reviewed by The Irreverent Buddhist  on  2007-07-17
* Super fast service * Very good pricing * Extremely reliable * Customer service is TOP: (not an excuse to lie, cajole or fool) * They mean and do what they say If you are looking for a new provider is a must consider ISP. If you miss a payment they send a nice email asking you to catch up - others cut you off :D
Rating: Outstanding

Reviewed by Alex  on  2007-05-10
Good quality wireless router (free) and very fast speeds - I get upto 14 meg downloads. It is simply the fastest broadband I have ever used! I have also not had any reason to contact customer support as I have yet to have problems with the service.
Rating: Outstanding

Reviewed by John paul  on  2007-05-18
So far iam searching for an good service and now im finally switched on with be there broadband. Unlimited downloads and high speed makes me quite happy. I have elected Be lite broadband offer. Free modem provided by them is simply configurable. They provide perfect customer services. Highly recommended broadband service.
Rating: Good

Reviewed by Veni josen  on  2007-05-18
This is an amazing site. After using all other connections, I have been finally connected with this broadband service. Wonderful services are provided. I have been using this service for the past three months and until now; I does not met with a small problem. Prices are much more reasonable when compared to other services. The latest 24meg service is excellent. Firewall protection provides great security. Free router provided by them was simply configurable. What an awesome speed. I have really missed this for so long time. I recommend this broadband connection to everyone. Come let us join and enjoy the net.
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by Giesela Andrews  on  2007-01-12
Their downloading speed of 24 Mbs is simply wonderful. I have been using Be there broadband for the past 18 months. I have chosen the unlimited option, and I arrive at the best results. When I reported that there is a minor problem customer support instantly took upthe matter and the solutionwas worked out.
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by Giesela Andrews  on  2007-01-12
Their downloading speed of 24 mbs is simply wonderful. I have been using Be there broadband for the past 18 months. I have chosen the unimited option, and I arrive at the best results. When I reported that there is a minor problem, customer support instantly took up the matter and the solution was worked out.
Rating: Outstanding

Reviewed by Phil Rogers  on  2006-11-25
I have been working with 'be' for the past 6 months. It has been simply the best. It provides us with the fastest broadband around 24mb. The customer service provided here is prompt. I feel downloading can be done at a much faster rate than any other service provider. With all these loads of advantages I would recommend any one to blindly opt for BE.
Rating: Outstanding

Reviewed by Michael Price  on  2006-11-17
'BE' is fairly cheap when compared to competitors but when it comes to speed...this is the worst service that you could ever opt for. The wireless modem provided is a good offer but, the speed is simply disgusting. The customer care is also very unsatisfactory. If you don’t have that much of technical knowledge then its better that you switch on to some other service provider.
Rating: Average

Reviewed by Joshua  on  2006-11-14
After trying various broad bands I am finally in to 'be there'. It is very reliable and has ultra-speed. The offer of providing a free wireless modem is very attractive. The downloading speed which is up to 24meg is astounding. If you are a person who downloads hardly, then you can go in for the offer of 1GB/month service which they provide for 15 pound/month.
Rating: Good

Reviewed by Kevin Pearson  on  2006-11-09
Having researched Broadband fairly extensively I finally opted for Be There because of their reliable service. The customer service is exceptional and really fast. They are the first UK Broadband Internet service provider (ISP) to deliver the awesome power of up to 24 meg broadband with the latest technology products. All in all, I am extremely happy with it.
Rating: Good

Reviewed by Customer  on  2006-10-31
I tried be there internet connection for the first time ever. So far, the speed of broadband connection, the customer service and the modem they sent were excellent and I have to say I am quite a happy chappy.
Rating: Outstanding

Reviewed by Rodes  on  2007-11-02
I hope this is my first review in this site. Be Broadband offers very speed service and I can upload faster than AOL. I had some problem in initial migration and I have spoken to the technical support executive for a long time to sort out the problem. Friendly and affordable service.
Rating: Good

Reviewed by Chrissie  on  2007-11-18
Pros: Good Speed and highly reliable. Excellent Customer Service. Cons: None so far. Strongly recommended!
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by Tyler  on  2007-10-04
I am a software engineer for the past 8 years and have used many broadband suppliers. Of all I have come across, I feel Be There understands customers much more than the others. Good post - sales help and speed is also good. There's something wrong at times with the connectivity, but that's fine when you get good customer service.
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by catherine  on  2007-10-07
A very good broadband provider with good speed and customer service. Understands the customers better and helps accordingly.
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by christina  on  2007-11-09
Pros: Good customer service, faster access to sites, recommend - able! Cons: Monthly schemes are expensive; connectivity seems to be a bit of a problem
Rating: Good

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