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3 Mobile Broadband - Consumer Reviews

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Reviewed by d morgan  on  2012-01-28
i got a 24 month contract of 15gb at 15.99 a month was great for me the speed is good its rare that the signal falls off so i cant connect to internet customer service is good to im on the mifi dongle i recomend it if you want to go anywhere with your laptop keep up the good work three
Rating: Outstanding

Reviewed by Rayhen  on  2011-10-17
Excellent dongle!!! This is one of the best dongles I have used. Good speed and better coverage. Even in the interiors, the speed is pretty good. Good going 3.
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by Kevin  on  2011-09-15
Toooo..Good!! I have renewed my contract for the 5th time. Good Speed, Good signals and no break downs so fas...migh be the reason why I decided to continue with them.
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by Senorita  on  2011-08-30
This is one of the best dongles I have used. I am getting good speed to in various areas as well. Compared to the connection that I used before, I must say that I ma really satisfied with my new provider as well as their dongle and the speed provided. The rates too are reasonable with the quality service you get. Good going 3!!!
Rating: Good

Reviewed by Paxy  on  2011-08-16
5 months back, if I had to rate 3 mobile, I would have given them all stars. But now, their speed have come down drastically. They have become worse than a dial up connection. I am planning to change my provider. Please somebody suggest and alternative provider that provides good speed as well as good service.
Rating: Average

Reviewed by Mike  on  2011-08-04
I have been using a 3 dongle for the past 3 years and the connection has been simply great! Though at times I did face issues with slow speed, 3 is much better than other providers.. I will say. Might be it is the issue with the total coverage of the area. But on the whole, I am happy.
Rating: Good

Reviewed by Craig R  on  2011-07-13
No complains till now and I am satisfied. Reliable service. Customer service is also good with prompt answers and solutions. Speed is good as well.
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by Keith C  on  2011-07-04
Peopleâs negative comment on 3 mobile broadband is something that has really upset me. Either these people have used the dongle the wrong way or it must the reason of poor network coverage. After being with 3 for more than 3 years, I must confess that I rarely or did not have any network coverage issue or speed issue. The speed was pretty good n areas there were low signals too. I am more pleased with 3 than my previous connection. Would surely recommend it to others.
Rating: Outstanding

Reviewed by Heidi Tom  on  2011-06-27
Paying just £15, I am happy with the speed I get with 3 Mobile broadband connection. Unlike my previous connection and modems, this one is superb. I get good speed with 3 when other providers offer much less in my area. 3 cheers for 3!!!
Rating: Outstanding

Reviewed by Samantha  on  2011-06-06
I have been using 3 Mobile for the past 3 years and till date I did not face any serious issue. It is not hat I did not have any issues, I did, but it was attended and sorted out very fast. I am very happy with the service I got. They are doing a good job and I will surely recommend it to others too.
Rating: Outstanding

Reviewed by Neil A  on  2011-05-30
I have been with 3 for two years. The initial few months with 3 were too fast and appreciable. Later, every thing turned upside down. For three months, there is no connection at all. Before this situation, I was able to use internet radio and real time gaming, with fair speed, and good browsing too. Before having the connection, I was told that, 3 broadband is always better while comparing with the other providers in the locality. I donât know what happened to the connection to reduce the speeds like this and why it is disconnecting regularly. I have made requests to the customer service and didnât get any reply.
Rating: Average

Reviewed by Olivia Anderson  on  2011-05-24
My broadband connectivity with 3 Mobile Broadband is going a little worse. The facility that I have enjoyed in the early periods has been lost. Like that, browsing speed is going down when some downloading is taking place. I don't want to stop but I just wish to get the performance back, what I have enjoyed before. Anyway, in my opinion they are good so as to provide substantial services to a large number of customers. I think they will respond to my humble requests and provide better speed.
Rating: Good

Reviewed by Mario Burgess  on  2009-02-18
When I started with 3 apart from the busy period 5-9pm I could get online without too much hassle. However since Christmas 08 the time I spend trying to get online is unreal. 3 had an aggressive marketing campaign around then doing a deal of £99 for the dongle with 12 months usage of 1 gig a month. This obviously made a brilliant present for the nomadic youth giving total freedom - however yesterday (feb 17 09) I could not get online at all at 6pm, 7pm, 8pm and gave up. I am now looking for a fixed line supplier. I am so stressed out with this diabolical situation. When I am online the system keeps crashing halfway through my surfing. Enough is enough. I live in a large town where they claim a high signal strength? I strongly suggest that whilst £15 a month for 5 gig sounds great value - what use is it if you cannot get online?
Rating: Poor

Reviewed by Paul  on  2009-02-03
I am with 3 and got a very good connection , it is very reliable but I just like to warn people out there, that the security for mobile broadband is not as good as you think. I have been registering my debit card for three to avoid the hassle of buying top-ups from the shops (I am on pay as you go). but unfortunately, after so many trials i give up, the 3 website always have an error when you want to register your debit card. I have called their customer service about this problem and they said that i need to try it again, so to avoid the argumentation, I just decided that i will just have to buy top-ups from time to time. but I was shocked after a week, when i found out that there is an unathorised cash withdrawal from my bank account, my bank says the withdrawal was in Canada, and i say whoaaa! I have been hacked. the only thing i remember is that I tried to register my debit card for top-ups and i was using my mobile internet during that time, and that was it, as simple as that. so for me I think mobile broadband is not safe for bank transanctions.
Rating: Good

Reviewed by Derek  on  2008-09-11
I have both fixed line broadband connection and mobile broadband service. I was recommended to take 3 Mobile broadband service when I was looking for a suitable, cost-effective mobile broadband package for needs. Dongle works fine with my laptop and I get good coverage in my area.Three is one of the best mobile broadband suppliers in the UK.
Rating: Excellent

Reviewed by Steve  on  2008-09-23
3 boasts that it offers high speeds using its Turbo technology. However, I get less than 1Mbps on most occasions. But their dongle is indeed good, and easy to install and use. Check whether you get good coverage, before you buy 3 mobile broadband package. Their customer support is decent.
Rating: Average

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