Broadband Switching guide

Now switching broadband can help you save a lot of money provided the new provider is cheaper than the former. Unreliable connection, poor service and high cost are some of the main reasons for switching broadband. It is always essential for the user to be aware of switching rules before actually switching your existing provider. Switching broadband has become easier nowadays as there are number of competitors in the market who readily come forward to provide you with cheaper broadband service. Many broadband customers prefer not to change their providers unless they feel it is worth. However, it is essential to look for details before switching to any broadband provider. You must not think of changing to another broadband provider just because of poor customer service or slow speed. Your broadband speed can be easily tested using the broadband calculator.

It would not definitely help you if you switch to another broadband provider either. Under such circumstances, it is essential to speak to your current broadband provider regarding your inconvenience prior to switching over to another broadband provider.

Reasons for switching broadband

When reasons tend to create decisions, it is always important to make sure that the decisions thus we take is wise. In case of broadband switching also it is important to make decisions properly. Some of the major reasons for switching broadband are:

  • To enjoy faster download speeds
  • Better download allowance
  • Better customer service
  • Good value for money

Steps to switch broadband

Broadband customers think of switching their broadband only when they feel nothing else would help them get better broadband service. And, if you have decided to switch broadband, the following steps must be adopted in order to complete the switching process.

• Get your MAC Code

The first and foremost task to perform when you have decided to switch broadband is to ask for the MAC code (Migration Authorisation Code) from your existing broadband provider. It is 17 to 18 digit alphanumerical code. The number of your ISP (Internet Service Provider) can be got from the MAC code.

• Check for your post code

You can also use broadband availability checker tool in order to find for different packages available with various broadband providers in your area. In this tool, you need to just enter the postal code of your area and your phone number for post code.

• Compare broadband packages

Compare broadband packages that are available in the market and choose the most suitable one and sign up online.

Need for MAC code

MAC code is essential when you switch broadband provider. It avoids down time taken during the switching process. MAC code does not actually terminate your contract with your existing broadband provider, instead helps to look for a better one. However, you have to terminate the contract with your existing provider and sign for a new one. According to UK laws, MAC code will be sent to you within 5 days, though many service providers email it to you within 24 hours of request. It is then possible to switch to any new provider easily.

A MAC code is useful at the time of switching broadband because the new service provider signed up for will be able to get all the information required like the type of line and phone exchange details etc.

Ofcom regulation about broadband Switching

Ofcom has come out with new set of rules that prevent ISPs from playing tricks like not issuing MAC code etc. To prevent such cases, Ofcom has framed a set of rules that protect the customers in every way.

  1. The existing service provider must provide the customer with MAC code within 5 days and no charges must be collected for any reason.
  2. The existing provider must not retain the MAC Code just for reasons related to contract or payments or any other.
  3. Customers must be given at least two choices (through website, phone or post) for getting a MAC code.
  4. The MAC code provided by the existing provider must be a valid one and must be accepted by the new provider.
  5. The customer with minimum period of contract is liable for any contractual obligations if he requests for MAC code within this period.
  6. Reasons for not issuing the MAC code must be conveyed to the customer.
  7. Both existing and the new provider must give assistance to the customer at the time of switching the provider.
  8. Broadband service must not be disconnected when the customer requests for a MAC code.
  9. MAC code need not necessarily be provided to home users and small offices with upto 10 employees.
  10. A customer on subsequent requests must be given another MAC code in case the earlier MAC code expires.
  11. The new provider holds the rights not to provide the customer with their service on the grounds of credit worthiness.

It is always better to talk with your existing service provider before switching because your complaints can be easily sorted out on discussion. On the other hand, tight competition prevailing among the broadband companies has helped customers get the best service available.