Broadband Extras

Broadband service has been increasingly becoming sophisticated in UK every year. We have been talking about 50Mbps connections last year, but have moved to 100Mbps this year. The increase in speed and availability of more broadband plans has improved the usage of internet, social media and other internet related services. Though we called this openness as being social, it is important that we have to take immense care in securing our identity and privacy..

We would explore the products and features accommodated by different broadband providers of UK in protecting the customers from potential online threats.

Virgin Media

Security: Being the fastest broadband provider in the country, Virgin Media also provides a free security top up on all the packages which include Anti-virus, Anti-spyware, Firewall, parental controls, Ad blocker, Privacy manager and Identity theft protection. This security option would be available for all broadband packages from Virgin for a top up price of £49.99 per year. This would be installed to almost three computers per house hold during the time of installation and will be updated regularly.

This security suite from Virgin is properly certified and is available for all the systems running Mirosoft windows XP or above.

Back up: Virgin Media also offers a backup and storage space based on the type of broadband plan that the users chooses. The system can automatically backs up data based on every new update to the computer and allows sharing of files and photos to social media like Facebook and Twitter. Storage spaces are available as 5GB, 10GB and unlimited based on the broadband plan.

Routers: Virgin Media also offers two types of wireless routers- the Virgin Media super hub and Virgin Media Hub Modem router. These routers will help the customers to go online.

BT broadband

BT offers a wide variety of extra services along with their broadband packages like BT Net protection, Digital Vault, Bt Yahoo, Bt Fon, Free Wi-Fi apps and Wi-Fi minutes.

BT NetProtect Plus: Users who have subscribed for BT total broadband BT infinity services can avail 3 months of free internet protection, which can be continued at £3.49 per month later. This protection software is powered by McAfee which features online protection, Firewall, secure banking and shopping, parental controls, site advisor and can be installed in almost 7 computers.

BT Digital Vault: BT Digital Vault is an auto-back up service that is offered for free to all users who have subscribed for a BT total broadband. This service provides almost 5GB of data space and can be activated instantly. Upgrade of the service is also possible which will increase the storage space to around 50GB at £4.99 per month.

Free WiFi: BT users can avail free WiFi services across the BT´s 2 million hotspots in UK. Also they offer separate apps for iPhone, Android devices and laptops to access the WiFi service.

Premium Mail: BT also offers a premium mail service which help users to send and receive large emails of up to 25Mb, while the free yahoo service only offers 10Mb. Also users can create up to 11 email addresses and protect their emails and other communications against virus and spyware and other online threats. This service is optional and is available for £1.50 per months.

SKY Broadband

Sky offers a variety of free offers along with its broadband packages-

  1. Free evening and weekend calling within UK
  2. £50 worth free wireless router
  3. McAfee internet security suite for either 3 or 12 months based on the type of package

Plusnet Broadband

Plusnet along with McAfee provides free internet security to almost 7 computers at every house hold along with some broadband packages. Anti-virus, anti-spyware, email security, parental controls and anti-phishing are some of the key features. For some broadband packages users may have to add the security suite at £2 per month.Also Plusnet provides free wireless routers along with all broadband packages.

TalkTalk Broadband

TalkTalk broadband service provides super fast wireless router compatible with both windows and Mac absolutely free of cost. Also they provide internet security software for almost three computers for individual households.

AOL Broadband

AOL provides a free wireless router with all the broadband packages to provide wireless access to our homes and secure your internet access. Users can also upgrade to wireless N routers to increase the range and speed of the connection.