Compare Broadband Bundles

Broadband can be purchased alone or come as part of a bundle or package. A bundle is where the service provider combines different services all together into the one single package. It can consist of 2, 3 or 4 services in any combination of either a broadband connection, a digital TV package; home telephone calls and more recently a mobile phone deal.
Having these services together in the one bundle can save you loads of time and money, with the added convenience of only needing to ring one customer service number should you require any help with anything. On this comparison page, you can easily compare broadband, home phone, digital TV, and mobile phone bundles to see which one is right for you. You can compare features, prices, service and connection speeds and simply apply online.

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Sky Broadband Essential and Free Anytime Talk
Get Sky Broadband Essential and Free Anytime Talk for 20pm for 18 months. 19.95 setup fees. Price may change during this period. Contract length: 18 months Speed: 11MB
£20.00 a month
Unlimited Business Broadband + PAYG Calls
Unlimited Business Broadband + PAYG Calls from 17.00 a Month. 24 month contract. 0.00 activation fee applies
£17.00 a month
Unlimited Business Fibre Broadband + PAYG Calls
Unlimited Business Fibre Broadband + PAYG Calls from 23.50 a month. 24 month contract. No activation fee
£23.50 a month
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Package Details Bundle Type Speeds
Contract Monthly Cost  

Broadband + TVNo Contract

Broadband + TV18 months

Broadband + Mobile18 months

Broadband + Phone24 months

Broadband + TV18 months

Broadband + Phone24 months

Broadband + MobileNo Contract

Broadband + TV18 months

Broadband + Phone18 months

Broadband + Phone18 months
  • Broadband in UK is popular for its speed and it is taken through BT channel, through satellite broadband or through cable modem broadband. Most of the broadband providers in UK offer their customers with broadband packages or sometimes combined with broadband bundle services that include a combination of digital TV, broadband, mobile phone, mobile broadband and landline phone. Customers can not only buy broadband bundles at cheaper rate from a single broadband provider but also save money and maintain easily. Conditions laid down by the company have to be verified before going in for any broadband bundle. Few companies like Virgin Media, BT, Tiscali and SKY have three services in their triple bundle service. The services include telephone, broadband and digital TV packages.

    Types of broadband bundles

    Different types of broadband bundles available are

    • Broadband and digital TV
    • Broadband and home phone bundles
    • Broadband and line rental bundles (free)
    • Broadband and wireless router (free)
    • Broadband and gifts bundles (free)

    Pros of broadband bundles

    1. Dealing with a single company eases processing
    2. One bill from a single provider
    3. Availing services from one company saves money
    4. Choosing the right bundle is advantageous
    5. Customer service for all combination can be got from a single company
    6. Get a better chance of winning discounts

    Cons of broadband bundles

    1. Majority of the offers come with a maximum of 12 to 18 months of contract.
    2. Difficult at the time of cancelling the services from a single company.
    3. Bundles cannot be bought if there are specific service requirements.
    4. Problem in any of the services in a broadband bundle combination is likely to affect the other services as well.
    5. It might be a waste if you do not use the package effectively.
    6. Poor customer service is likely to affect the function of the whole package.

    Broadband bundle providers

    The top broadband bundle providers in the UK currently are:


    Sky offers broadband bundle to its customers at competitive prices for both new and existing users.


    BT comes with HD TV along with broadband and home phone for its users.

    Virgin Media

    This company has the fastest cable broadband system and also the HD TV channels. Users can also take Sky sports. The cheapest broadband bundle provided by the company starts with the price of £5.

    How does broadband bundle differ?

    Broadband bundles offered by various companies have varied costs as well. This includes:

    • Set up/ activation costs
    • Inclusion of installation charges
    • Inclusion of software
    • Inclusion of hardware like wireless routers
    • Customer support facility

    Is broadband bundle service really useful?

    A study during a research has revealed that customers did not take advantage of various services put forward through broadband bundles. It was mainly because most of the customers are still unaware that they could save money with the offer. When it comes to broadband, money can be saved and at the same time lost too. It is hence essential for the user to understand ones needs and match with the availability in the market.

    How many services must one opt for?

    Services provided by broadband providers vary in different ways. Hence, one has to select the broadband bundle based on his personal requirement.

    All four services

    Compare the services provided by the companies and go for the best deal. Also, never miss to check for the broadband speed.

    Two or three services

    Check for similar services offered by different providers and select the best one.

    Home phone (Land line)

    Look for the details about home phone before getting one or it might cost you unnecessarily. If the offer includes evening and weekend calls, then it might be useful for the home phone user. On the other hand, if the customer does not use the home phone then, this offer would be a total waste for them. They can go for an offer that does not include home phone.

    Digital television

    One must check for the offers for television just like the others. Also, check if you have all your favourite programmes included in the TV pack. If not, look for any other combination of broadband bundle that might be useful.


    Few broadband providers display the word 'Free' along with the offer for broadband. But in most cases this has to be carefully checked as broadband is given free of cost only if the user signs up with the provider for the bundle of services.

    Factors to be considered before going in for a broadband bundle

    Companies coming out with huge number of choices usually create some sort of confusion in people's mind at the time of purchasing one. Many providers offer up to 10Mb, 22Mb or 24Mb broadband. Few experts say that it would be always better to go for a package that combines in it the broadband, paid-for TV and phone bills. People need to be cautious while selecting the package as they might end up paying more for the services they do not require. Certain bundles are introduced with various offers that include free line rental, introductory rate for first three months and so on. Additional charges might also be levied on HD boxes, routers and others. Customer would require signing up for a long period while getting few cheaper packages. In some cases, customers would be required to pay huge cancellation fees if he is unsatisfied with the services provided.

    More than 50 broadband providers in the UK provide combined or bundled broadband package. Hence, it is always necessary for the customers to read the contract clearly before signing up. Also, check which offer you are signing up for.

    Finally let us summarise on the whole discussion

    1. It is always better to look for the period of contract rather the offer price as you are likely to lose more money at the time of cancellation.
    2. Look for your necessities rather than the offer you would get as you would be paying for even the unnecessary and unused ones.
    3. Look for freebies that are useful such as free modem, free security software, free installation and free customer support.

    Tight competition between the broadband providers has in fact brought in quite a lot of interesting offers for the customers including lower price and excellent customer service. However, customers must look for the terms and conditions before buying one.