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Broadbandsuppliers.co.uk is an expert space to identify the cheapest broadband suppliers at your area. We have spent enormous amount of time to compare and analyze the different broadband packages and deals offered by some of the best broadband suppliers in UK. Also you can find answers to all your broadband related queries or contact our experts for solutions related to specific broadband issues via our broadband forum.

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Top 5 Cheapest Broadband Offers

  • Packages
  • Speeds
  • Prices
  • Download
  • Contract
  • Fast Broadband with TV Plus
  • 0Mb
  • £27.95
  • Unlimited
  • 18 months
  • Fast Broadband with TV Plus Online
  • Unlimited Business Fibre Broadband + PAYG Calls
  • 0Mb
  • £22.00
  • Unlimited
  • 24 months
  • Unlimited Business Fibre Broadband + PAYG Calls Online
  • Add Sky Broadband Unlimited to any Sky TV Bundle
  • 0Mb
  • £18.00
  • Unlimited
  • 18 months
  • Add Sky Broadband Unlimited to any Sky TV Bundle Online
  • Plusnet Unlimited Business Broadband only
  • 17Mb
  • £15.00
  • Unlimited
  • 24 months
  • Plusnet Unlimited Business Broadband only Online
  • Talk Talk - Superpowered Fibre with simply Broadband
  • 38Mb
  • £11.75
  • Unlimited
  • 12 months
  • Talk Talk - Superpowered Fibre with simply Broadband Online

Best Broadband Offers in UK

Fibre 35 TV

Fibre 35 TV

Fibre 35 TV - £24.00 a month for 18 months (£0.00 Box cost) £0.00 setup fee Includes £2/month TV charge

£27.50 per month

Fibre 35 TV

Fast Broadband

Fast Broadband

Fast Broadband - £24.95 a month for 18 months

£24.50 per month

Fast Broadband

Fast Broadband TV

Fast Broadband TV

Fast Broadband TV - £26.95 a month for 18 months (£0.00 Box cost). ¬£9.95 setup fee Includes £2/month TV charge

£26.95 per month

Fast Broadband TV

A Guide to Cheap UK Broadband

With umpteen numbers of broadband providers available in the UK, the process of selecting the best and the cheapest provider has really become a tedious job. Every deal in the market is different from each other and thus has its own features. Customers are hence required to compare different deals available in the market and select the one suitable for them.

How to choose a cheap broadband deal?

  • Double check the deal
  • Broadband providers these days come out with packages that have attractive deals in order to attract more customers. Hence, broadband users are required to make a thorough study by looking through various comparison tables and reviews in order to find for cheap and best broadband deals in the market.
  • Know your requirement
  • Customers can easily opt for the cheapest broadband if they really know their requirement. Customers planning to take broadband service for the first time are advised to go for a cheap broadband package initially and then enhance it further based on their requirement.
  • It is always better to go for a cheaper broadband package if you need the broadband connection just for emailing or surfing. Some of the cheap broadband packages are offered free of cost or come with free introductory period. So, look out for such offers if you really want a cheap broadband.
  • Look for additional services
  • Consumers can also go for a broadband bundle that consists of different services such as broadband, TV channels and mobile phone package. Thus consumers can not only save a lot of money but also get all services from just one provider. It would be easy for customers to deal with the provider in case of any failures. Contrarily, consumers will have to spend a lot if they buy services from different providers. Any fault in broadband service will affect all other services as well.
  • Use availability checker
  • Broadband consumers of UK can use availability checker in our site to find for various broadband deals in their area. They can thus search for the cheapest broadband deal available in the market by making comparisons. Big cities are likely to have wide variety of cheap unlimited broadband deals available with them. You can fine tune your search by entering your phone number and your post code. This way you can search for the cheapest broadband deal in your area.

More about cheap broadband packages

You can choose for the cheapest broadband package both in terms of price and deals available with the package. This way, you can save a lot on monthly bills. Most of the cheap broadband packages come with interesting deals along with broadband services. Cheap broadband packages that are basically starters come with free home calls and free wireless router/ modem. Thus customers can, not only get cheap broadband package, but also all that is required for setting up a broadband connection.

Merits of cheap broadband package

  • For modem users
  • Customers who already own a modem can go for a cheap broadband package thus saving money on the hardware. They are allowed to use the existing router or modem instead of going for a separate one.
  • For students
  • Students can very well opt for cheap broadband package and thereby save money for their studies or entertainment. All the top broadband providers make sure that students are benefited with their package.
  • For beginners
  • Beginners are advised to go for a shorter deal rather than a longer one as they would not be aware of the broadband usage. Such users can always upgrade their broadband package based on their usage. Few broadband packages start as low as £5 per month or lesser.
  • Light users
  • Cheap broadband packages are the ones, light users must adopt as they would not use the internet in depth. Yet, they can always browse the internet to check mail or to do some online shopping. Smaller broadband packages lesser than £5 per month can be used by light users.

Factors to consider while buying cheap broadband

Availability of several broadband packages tends to create a sort of confusion in the minds of customers when they have to decide on a better plan. Hence, one must look in to some of the important factors like broadband speed, download allowance, contract length and hidden costs before buying a cheap broadband. Other important factors like introductory periods, set-up charges, excess usage costs and hardware costs must also be looked into before deciding on a cheap broadband package.

How to identify a cheap broadband package?

It is a known fact that cheap broadband packages are difficult to identify unless one makes a thorough study on different broadband providers. Selecting a cheap deal helps you to save a lot of money both monthly and periodically. It is always a good idea to select a bundle deal (broadband, phone, TV) rather than going in for a broadband package alone. However, it must be noted that all of these services might not be available in all areas. Buyers must search for services available in their area before selecting one.

Even if you have identified the cheapest deal, it is important to find for any hidden costs in the package. Some broadband deals are given away with lower cost and at times revert back to the normal price after few months. Hence, such conditions must be clearly mentioned in their 'Terms and Conditions' in advance to save customer's interest. Make sure if you are eligible for a kit (a router or a modem) along with the broadband package. If yes, then look for all that is available.

Users who manage business from home either partially or fully can go for a cheap broadband package while other heavy users can go for a business broadband package or otherwise accordingly. Home users mainly use the internet to browse, to catch up with some TV programmes or for small time business purposes.

How much ever cheaper a broadband package might be, it tends to have flaws like slow internet connectivity and lack of coverage in certain areas. Hence, such flaws must be looked in to carefully and dealt with utmost care with the broadband provider.

Cheap broadband deals from all UK providers

Broadband providers have their own way of providing deals to their customers, yet it becomes difficult for common broadband users to select an apt one based on his/ her requirement. Hence, we have listed some of the cheap broadband deals offered by providers here in this article. Let's look in to it one by one.


TalkTalk offers half price for broadband and phone for 12 months on its TalkTalk Essentials package. This package is also a money saving pack on your calls. Customers can save a lot on calls to landlines and mobile phones. Interested persons can choose for a package and order online and be benefited with exclusive deals. You can then go live just after the order confirmation is made.

Its highlight features are

  • free connection
  • lowest line rental starting at around £9.50 a month
  • unlimited weekend and evening calls to UK landlines
  • comes with 12 months contract
  • 10% off on 16 phone numbers you call the most


Sky is yet another broadband provider offering unlimited broadband service and unlimited calls on half price for 12 months. This offer is extended to new and existing customers who would switch their broadband, calls and line rental to Sky. Good news about this broadband package is that customers will not be targeted for using more than the allowed allowance. Hence, the term 'unlimited' suits well here.

Customers can also get free WiFi Hotspots and start using unlimited internet anywhere you like. Also, you can stay online at every UK Cloud WiFi Hotspots.

AOL broadband

AOL broadband + Calls offer evening and weekend calls along with free broadband for the first month. Then on wards, it is chargeable but with the cheapest amount. Its highlight features are

  • Download speed: upto 8Meg
  • Download allowance: upto 10GB
  • UK calls: Evening and weekend
  • Phone support: Free
  • Simple set-up process
  • Free connection
  • Comes with upgrade options
  • Free wireless router

Virgin Media

Virgin Media gives all new customers with broadband on half price for 6 months including free installation. Also, there is special offer when you buy online. Along with the fibre optic broadband, customers can get Sky channels and TiVo, all these without the need of a dish. Different collections such as Essential Collection, Premiere Collection and VIP Collection also come with half price for 6 months and then onwards chargeable per month.

Starter bundle also comes with half price for 6 months and it is the cheapest package with fibre optic broadband, phone and TV. It also comes with unlimited weekend calls and a V HD box.

BT broadband

BT broadband offers broadband and evening & weekend calls free for 6 months and with a Sainsbury's gift card. This package includes BT Home hub, security, WiFi minutes that are free and also 50% savings on BT savings. This package comes on a contract period.

Broadband and Anytime calls comes with free calls for a year and also with a Sainsbury's gift card. This package includes security, free WiFi minutes, BT Home Hub and 50% savings on BT telephones. This package also comes on a contract period.

Primus Saver

Primus Saver offers phone + broadband on its lowest range. This package comes with free activation charge and a free router but comes with additional line rental. Interested customers can call on 0800 036 0094 to buy this package.

Highlight features include

  • Data allowance: 20GB
  • Primus broadbandB
  • Free support
  • Free wireless router and free activation
  • Free weekend and evening UK landline calls


BE's line bonding service offers its customers with free connection along with free broadband service for the first three months. This package allows you to double the speed by bonding two lines together. With this package, users can get unlimited downloads, wireless modem, static IPs, free customer support and double internet speed. Line bonding also comes with free broadband service for 3 months and also with free connection.


Plusnet offers its customers with free broadband service for 6 months that is inclusive of weekend and evening UK landline calls if they order for it well by 29th May 2012. Thereafter, it is chargeable on monthly basis. Plusnet Home Phone Evening and Weekend or Anytime offer is not available with any other Plusnet broadband package.


Every broadband type whether fibre optic, cable or mobile broadband has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, when looking in to its features, it can be concluded by stating that mobile broadband are the cheapest of all as the cheap broadband deal will be opted only by light users who would not need to download much.

Since broadband services are not available everywhere, consumers must look for services available in their area to order for their package. Although tight competition prevailing in the market has helped customers with better broadband deals and cheaper packages, they must make sure if the cheap broadband deal is really worth it!

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